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Crimson Dawn Sabers, based in Texas, is a custom saber company specializing in budget friendly stunt sabers (no sound) and sound sabers. Several pricing tiers of Mystery Box Sabers and discounted bundles of two sabers are available as well.

Crimson Dawn Sabers

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Crimson Dawn Sabers Talon lightsaber (left) and Osprey lightsaber (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Crimson Dawn Sabers

Crimson Dawn sabers sells OEM lightsabers sourced from China. Like the majority of companies that sell OEM lightsabers, Crimson Dawn brands the custom sabers with the company’s own model names (e.g. Crimson Dawn Talon lightsaber, Crimson Dawn Osprey lightsaber, etc.). Crimson Dawn stocks and ships the lightsabers out of a facility in Texas, offering free United States shipping on the sabers. Crimson Dawn ships internationally as well for an additional fee.

Crimson Dawn Mystery Lightsabers are particularly popular sellers. How Mystery Box sabers work is the buyer pays a certain price for a lightsaber, but they don’t know which saber they will get until the saber arrives (hence the ‘Mystery’). All Crimson Dawn Mystery Box sabers include blades, USB charging cables, hex wrenches, and blade retention screws.

Crimson Dawn offers three price tiers of Mystery Box Lightsabers:
Tier 1: guaranteed to get a stunt saber that’s at least the value you paid, with a 10% chance of getting a sound saber
Tier 2: guaranteed to get a sound saber worth at least what you paid, with a 10% chance of getting a Tier 3 Premium sound saber
Tier 3: guaranteed to get a premium sound saber, with a 20% chance of getting a free blade plug).

In addition to selling lightsabers, the company offers a selection of lightsaber accessories like blades, stands, and a variety of blade plugs as well.

Crimson Dawn Sabers

Crimson Dawn Sabers, based in Texas, sells budget friendly stunt saber (no sound) and sound sabers. The company launched in October 2019.

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Crimson Dawn Sabers
Image depicts Crimson Dawn Talon lightsaber (left) and Osprey lightsaber (right)

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