Saberforge Youngling Sabers: What you should know

Saberforge Youngling Crossguard Saber

Saberforge Youngling Sabers [ETSY AFFILIATE LINK] are a budget sound saber line on the Saberforge website. Youngling Sabers differ from other Saberforge lightsabers in several ways. The primary way Youngling Sabers differ is they’re not manufactured by Saberforge–they are actually manufactured by YDD Saber, which is a China-based custom saber manufacturer. Saberforge rebranded the Youngling … Read more

Saberforge Indirectly Launches NEW Youngling Crossguard Saber

YDD Saber crossguard

Saberforge indirectly announced a new lightsaber for their website today called the Youngling Crossguard Saber. Saberforge quietly listed the new Youngling Crossguard Saber as one of their freebie items for their Smuggler’s Heist sale, that runs through June 16, 2018. Buyer’s who spend $1000 qualify for a free Youngling Crossguard Saber during the Smuggler’s Heist … Read more