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Spartan Sabers: Budget YDD Saber Seller | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Spartan Sabers is a United States based custom saber company. They are located in North Carolina. Spartan Sabers carries a wide variety of products from YDD Saber. YDD Saber is a China based custom saber manufacturer. YDD Saber products are sold by many different custom saber sellers. For more info about YDD Saber, refer to the article YDD Saber: The Budget Custom Saber Company You’ve Never Heard About.

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One of the most popular and talked about YDD Saber products that Spartan Sabers sells is the Duelist. The Duelist is a budget-friendly sound saber that many other custom saber companies sell. The Pach Store sells the same lightsaber with the name ‘The Tiny Giant Kyojin’ and Saberforge sells the same lightsaber with the name ‘Youngling Saber’. The same style lightsaber can often also be found on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Alibaba Express and elsewhere around the internet.

Spartan Sabers has attended fan conventions in the past, mostly on the East Coast, so you may be able to seem them in person. The company offers a 90 day warranty on their products. A word of caution, the Spartan Saber website seems to require buyers to pay for return shipping, even due to cases like ‘manufacturer defect’ or ‘faulty wiring’. “If your saber or blade is damaged as a result of manufacturer defect, normal handling, saber combat, or faulty electronics let us know as soon as possible by emailing [Spartan Sabers]. Simply pay for the return shipping and we will repair or replace your saber.” [Source: Spartan Sabers FAQ; Retrieved 8/29/2018].

Have you purchased from Spartan Sabers? I have not purchased from them, but have some experience with the YDD Saber crossguard lightsaber, which is one of the products that Spartan Sabers sells.

Spartan Sabers website https://www.spartansabers.com

YDD Saber website http://www.yddsaber.com

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