What is a flat acrylic lightsaber blade? | Lightsaber Terminology

When you first think of lightsaber blades, chances are you’re going to envision a cylindrical polycarbonate tube. There’s an alternative, non-standard lightsaber blade that’s becoming pretty popular called a flat acrylic lightsaber blade.

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Ripper Blades is probably the most famous maker of flat acrylic lightsaber blades, but a growing number sellers on etsy, eBay, and in the saber community at large are making them, too. The flat blade shown in this video, for example, is not from Ripper Blades.

Flat acrylic lightsaber blades attach to the lightsaber hilt much like a standard polycarbonate blade by using a cylindrical stem. Make sure you purchase an acrylic lightsaber blade with the appropriate stem length for your saber, especially if your lightsaber features a slanted emitter or windows in the emitter.

Acrylic lightsaber blades are often shiny and glass-like in appearance with frosted edges and designs within the blade that catch the light. Most acrylic lightsaber blades are clear acrylic and designed to take on the color of the LED of the lightsaber. Ripper Blades does produce colored flat acrylic lightsaber blades as well. All flat acrylic lightsaber blades work best with sabers using a white LED.

Acrylic lightsaber blades are NOT DUEL WORTHY, but fun to look at and can be used for spinning. Acrylic blades are not duel worthy because acrylic is much more a fragile and brittle plastic than polycarbonate.

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If you’d like an easy and cool way to change the appearance of your lightsaber and stand out a little from the crowd, then an acrylic lightsaber blade just might be the accessory you’re looking for.

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