What is the ‘worst’ Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber you can get?

The ‘worst’ Ultrasabers lightsaber hilt that you can get is the one that you don’t want, which is highly subjective. If you go to a restaurant and order the most expensive item on the menu, that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it more than one of the cheaper items. The same logic applies to lightsabers. Some people dread getting Initiate or Apprentice models because they’re lower value and are the shortest Ultrasabers hilts. Others worry about receiving certain blade colors. Others still dislike specific design features of certain hilt models. Every person is different.

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I remember reading about a guy who dreaded receiving an Initiate or Apprentice model as a Grab Bag Saber. Sure enough, he received an Initiate or Apprentice hilt as a Grab Bag Saber (I don’t remember which one!). The saber grew on him, though, and ended up becoming one of his favorites. Maybe you’re most dreaded saber will end up growing on you, too. You never know!

Although the ‘worst’ Ultrasabers lightsaber is subjective, the lowest value hilts that you can get are not. The lowest value Grab Bag Sabers or Mystery Box Sabers you can receive are Ultrasabers Apprentice of Initiate models. If you do receive an Apprentice or Initiate model, the hilt will often come with upgrades like AV switches or windows in the emitter in order to bump up the value of the saber to meet or exceed the price you paid for the Mystery Box or Grab Bag Saber.

Also consider, if you end up receiving an Apprentice or Initiate hilt as a Mystery Box or Grab Bag Saber, you will receive a full size blade by default. All Mystery Box Sabers include a midgrade or Ultraedge midgrade lightsaber blade. The full size 36 inch blade is the default, but you’re able to select 16 inch, 24 inch, 32 inch, 36 inch without any additional fee. All Grab Bag Sabers include a full size 36 inch midgrade, Ultraedge midgrade, heavy grade, or Ultraedge heavy grade blade. If instead of purchasing a Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber, you decide to purchase any of the Initiate and Apprentice models by name, the default blade is the shorter 24 inch and upgrading to a 32 or 36 inch blade costs an additional $10.

You WILL NOT receive a lightsaber with a value lower than what you paid for a Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber.

If you do choose to purchase an Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber, make sure you keep your expectations grounded in reality. Expect to receive a saber that’s very close in value to what you paid and be open to a variety of the designs and blade colors you could receive. Mystery Box Sabers and Grab Bag Sabers are a game, of sorts, so if you truly dread receiving certain sabers designs or blade colors, then then you may be better off just selecting your saber by name instead.

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