Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers: What you need to know

Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers

Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers are among the most basic and also among the least expensive lightsabers produced by Ultrasabers. Let’s go over some things that you need to know about these lightsabers. One of the first things you need to know about both Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers is that these hilts are short. They’re … Read more

What is a shoto lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

Shoto lightsaber

Shoto is a Japanese word for “short sword” and it’s basically a sword that’s in between the length of a dagger (or knife) and a full length sword like a katana. In the context of Star Wars, a shoto lightsaber is a lightsaber that is shorter in length. Both the blade and hilt itself are … Read more

What is the ‘worst’ Ultrasabers Mystery Box Saber or Grab Bag Saber you can get?

Ultrasabers Mystery Box Sabers and Grab Bag Sabers

The ‘worst’ Ultrasabers lightsaber hilt that you can get is the one that you don’t want, which is highly subjective. If you go to a restaurant and order the most expensive item on the menu, that doesn’t mean you’ll enjoy it more than one of the cheaper items. The same logic applies to lightsabers. Some … Read more

Are Ultrasabers Limited Edition (LE) Lightsabers Actually Limited?

Ultrasabers offers a range of Limited Edition (LE) lightsabers that don’t seem to be limited at all. The term “limited” typically implies a scarcity or a temporary time frame. A lightsaber could be available for a limited time (e.g. one month, one years, etc). Alternatively, a lightsaber could have a limited run of units available … Read more