Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers: What you need to know

Ultrasabers Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers are among the most basic and also among the least expensive lightsabers produced by Ultrasabers. Let’s go over some things that you need to know about these lightsabers.

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One of the first things you need to know about both Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers is that these hilts are short. They’re basically shoto lightsabers, although Ultrasabers doesn’t call them that. All Apprentice and Initiate models are under 10 inches long which makes them a nice for kids. Kids are smaller people and have smaller hands, so these smaller lightsabers tend to be more manageable.

Apprentice and Initiate models also can serve as a one-handed lightsaber for adults or a saber for the non-dominant hand. The absolute shortest, smallest lightsabers manufactured by Ultrasabers are the Initiate V2 family of sabers (Initiate V2, Initiate LE V2, Dark Initiate V2 and Dark Initiate LE V2). Initiate V2s are 8.75 inches long and the diameter of the hilt is 1.25 inches. Unlike the majority of Ultrasabers lightsabers, Initiate V2s are NOT MHS (Modular Hilt System) compatible.

Both Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers include a 24 inch blade by default, which is shorter than full size. If you want to opt to get a full sized blade with an Apprentice or Initiate lightsaber, you need to pay extra. All other Ultrasabers lightsabers include a full size lightsaber blade by default for no additional fee.

Speaking of blades, sometimes Ultrasabers refers to the 24 inch lightsaber blade is referred to as an “Initiate Blade”.

Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers as Grab Bag Sabers and Mystery Box Sabers
You CAN receive both Apprentice and Initiate hilts as Grab Bag Sabers and Mystery Box Sabers. Even though these hilts are some of the most basic sabers offered by Ultrasabers, they are somewhat commonly received as Grab Bag Sabers or Mystery Box Sabers. I’ve received several Apprentice and Initiate lightsabers as Grab Bag Sabers and Mystery Box Sabers.

If you do receive an Initiate or Apprentice models from Ultrasabers as a Mystery Box or Grab Bag Saber, you’ll receive a full size 36 inch blade by default. All Grab Bag Sabers come with 36 inch blades (no shorter blade option). Mystery Box Sabers allow you to choose shorter blade lengths for no additional fee, including: 32 inch, 24 inch or 16 inch.

If you receive an Apprentice or Initiate Saber as a Grab Bag Saber or Mystery Box Saber, they’ll often include some type of upgrade feature. Some common upgrades include: AV switch ($15 value), windows in the emitter ($5 value) or premium LED colors ($5 value). That’s how Ultrasabers is able to bump up the value of the hilts so that the lightsaber at least meets the price that you paid, if not exceeds it.


An Ultrasabers Apprentice or Initiate lightsaber could be a pretty decent first saber for a variety of people. The hilt models could also be a nice choice for a child since they are shorter than other Ultrasabers hilts and Initiate V2 models are only 1.25 inches in diameter.

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