Ultrasabers Initiate lightsaber vs Saberforge Initiate lightsaber: What’s the difference?

Ultrasabers and Saberforge both sell Initiate lightsabers, but each company uses the term in a different way.

If you purchase an Initiate lightsaber from Ultrasabers, that means you’re purchasing a specific hilt model. Ultrasabers Initiate hilt models include:

  • Initiate V2, Initiate LE V2, Dark Initiate V2, Dark Initiate LE V2
  • Initiate V3, Initiate LE V3, Dark Initiate V3, Dark Initiate LE V3
  • Initiate V4, Initiate LE V4, Dark Initiate V4, Dark Initiate LE V4

Ultrasabers also uses the term “Initiate Blade” which refers to their 24 inch lightsaber blade. So if you see the word “Initiate” used by Ultrasabers, it’s either referring to a specific hilt model or to a 24 inch lightsaber blade.

If you purchase an Initiate lightsaber from Saberforge, you’re not buying a specific hilt model at all, but rather a classification of a lightsaber. “Initiate”, in the context of Saberforge, just means you’re purchasing an empty hilt. In other words, “Initiate” refers to ANY Saberforge hilt that is empty (i.e. no electronics).

Also, the very first price you’ll see for Saberforge hilts is the Initiate price so when you see that shoto lightsaber costs $60, that’s just for an Initiate level empty hilt without any electronics.

IN A NUTSHELL: Ultrasabers Initiate refers to specific hilt models (and occasionally a 24 inch lightsaber blade), while Saberforge Initiate just refers to an empty hilt version of ANY of their hilt models.

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