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What is lightsaber acid etching? | Lightsaber Terminology

Lightsaber acid etching, sometimes simply called lightsaber etching, is a method of adding surface detail to a lightsaber hilt. During the etching process, the acid cuts away at unprotected parts of the surface in order to create a design in the metal.

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Etching designs vary from simple to ornate and add personality to an otherwise blank section of a hilt. A lightsaber etching commonly incorporates: logos (e.g. Imperial logo, sports team logo, superhero logo), animals (e.g. dragon, lion), lettering/script (e.g. Aurebesh, Elvish), patterns (e.g. circuitry pattern, Death Star corridor pattern) or other features.

Acid etching a lightsaber requires a combination of artistry, skill and practice. Lightsaber enthusiasts may either take on acid etching as a DIY project or commission a sabersmith to acid etch a design into a hilt for them. Sabersmiths often develops their own special method of acid etching. Acid etching is frequently paired with powder coating, a common method of adding color to lightsaber.

Shadowcrest Design and Pete’s Powder Emporium are popular and established acid etchers in the lightsaber community. Other sabersmiths and custom saber companies offer an acid etching service as well.

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