What is lightsaber acid etching? (Lightsaber Terminology)

Lightsaber acid etching, sometimes simply called lightsaber etching, is a method of adding surface detail to a lightsaber hilt. During the etching process, the acid cuts away at unprotected parts of the surface in order to create a design in the metal.

Etching designs vary from simple to ornate and add personality to an otherwise blank section of a hilt. A lightsaber etching commonly incorporates: logos (e.g. Imperial logo, sports team logo, superhero logo), animals (e.g. dragon, lion), lettering/script (e.g. Aurebesh, Elvish), patterns (e.g. circuitry pattern, Death Star corridor pattern) or other features.

Acid etching a lightsaber requires a combination of artistry, skill and practice. Lightsaber enthusiasts may either take on acid etching as a DIY project or commission a sabersmith to acid etch a design into a hilt for them. Sabersmiths often develops their own special method of acid etching. Acid etching is frequently paired with powder coating, a common method of adding color to lightsaber.

Shadowcrest Design is a popular and established acid etcher in the lightsaber community. Other sabersmiths and custom saber companies offer an acid etching service as well.

Lightsaber Etching and Artistry: An Interview with Shadowcrest Design

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COVER IMAGE CREDIT: Shadowcrest Design


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