ACLightsabers custom sabers (various models)

ACLightsabers: Budget Stunt Sabers, Sound Sabers and Accessories | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

ACLightsabers, a Malaysia based Etsy store, specializes in creating and selling budget friendly lightsabers. The company, which started in 2015, makes stunt sabers (no sound), sound sabers, and neopixel lightsabers. ACLightsabers also sells some lightsaber accessories like flat acrylic blades, blade plugs (both static and neopixel), and a saber bag.

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ACLightsabers custom sabers (various models)
ACLightsabers custom sabers (various styles) | IMAGE CREDIT ACLightsabers

Most of the lightsabers by ACLightsabers are affordably priced stunt sabers (light only, no sound) and sound sabers (basic sound and premium sound). The company introduced neopixel lightsabers in 2018 as well.

Some of the lower-end ACLightsabers hilts are made of UPVC plastic (a rigid form of PVC), covered with chrome wrap, black wrap, and/or black rubber wrap. Other ACLightsabers hilts are made of metal.

Some hilt designs, like the ‘Anakin Custom Lightsaber’ or ‘Vader Custom Lightsaber’ are movie inspired designs. Other hilts are original designs.

ACLightsabers (Etsy) affiliate link

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