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A PVC lightsaber is a style of lightsaber hilt constructed primarily from PVC pipe and PVC fittings found in a hardware store’s plumbing section. Some builders use UPVC instead of PVC. UPVC is stronger and more durable than PVC.

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The low materials cost and ease of access to a variety of PVC pipe and PVC fittings make constructing a PVC lightsaber an attractive and inexpensive DIY project for lightsaber enthusiasts.

The PVC pipe and PVC fittings may be cut, drilled, and sanded in order to create a unique lightsaber hilt design. A PVC lightsaber is often painted, covered in chrome wrap, weathered, or customized in other ways in order to appear more like a metal lightsaber hilt than a plastic one.

A completed PVC lightsaber could range from a simple cosplay prop lightsaber to a functional, basic dueling lightsaber (note that PVC lightsabers are too fragile for heavy combat dueling). Some PVC lightsabers may also employ a flashlight as a light source or be installed with electronics.

Sellers like ACLightsabers (Etsy) and DarkWolf Sabers sell affordably priced custom PVC lightsabers. Ultrasabers made PVC lightsabers in the custom saber company’s early history (many Ultrasabers V1 hilts were PVC lightsabers), but now only creates metal lightsabers.


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COVER IMAGE CREDIT ACLightsabers [affiliate link]
Image depicts a UPVC lightsaber called ‘Anakin Custom Lightsaber – with blade’. The UPVC lightsaber is available from the ACLightsabers Etsy store.

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  1. Some high end manufacturers make a Pvc prototype before committing to metal. Saw one of these on Universal Lightsaber Community group yesterday. Old Jedi Jim.


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