Force Ghost Sabers Lightsaber Wall Hangers

Oak Lightsaber Wall Hangers By Force Ghost Sabers: Alternative Lightsaber Display

Etsy seller Force Ghost Sabers [AFFILIATE LINK] creates several designs of lightsaber wall hangers, an alternative lightsaber display method to stands and wall mounts. The wall hangers, which are made of oak, feature a leather strap and several decorative logo options.

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How the wall hangers work is you simply clip your lightsaber hilt to the leather strap using your own D-ring or Covertec wheel. Basically, the wall hangers display the lightsaber in the same way that you would wear the lightsaber on your belt. Force Ghost Sabers also points out that the clipped display method helps prevent lightsabers from falling off the wall during an earthquake.

In addition to creating lightsaber wall hangers, Force Ghost Sabers also makes Star Wars inspired dog tag keychains.

Force Ghost Sabers Etsy Store [AFFILIATE LINK]:

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