Saberforge Avenger vs Ultrasabers Guardian Lightsaber Hilt Comparison OWK

Let’s compare a Saberforge Avenger lightsaber and an Ultrasabers Guardian lightsaber. Both are OWK, or Obi-Wan Kenobi Prequel Trilogy style lightsaber hilts.

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On first glance, both hilts look very similar. The Ultrasabers Guardian hilt is quite a bit larger in size than the Saberforge Avenger hilt. Ultrasabers has developed a reputation for manufacturing many large (i.e. long and wide) hilts.

Red Thumb Screw
Both hilts feature a red thumb screw at the top. The Saberforge thumb screw is a bit of a brighter red than the Ultrasabers thumb screw. The Saberforge thumb screw is also thinner.

Saberforge Avenger red thumb screw (left); Ultrasabers Guardian red thumb screw (right)

The finish on Ultrasabers Guardian is shiner than the finish on the Saberforge Avenger hilt. Saberforge did recently release a chrome finish version of Avenger, however.

Emitter Area
Both hilts are designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. The Ultrasabers Guardian hilt is anodized black in the emitter area, while the Saberforge Avenger is metallic.

Saberforge Avenger emitter (left); Ultrasaber Guardian emitter (right)

Brass Thumb Screw (greeblie)
The Saberforge Avenger uses a brass or gold-colored thumb screw (i.e. greebie) on the side. Ultrasabers Guardian uses a brass colored thumb screw with a red jewel in it.

Saberforge Avenger brass greeblie (left); Ultrasabers Guardian jeweled greeblie (right)

Activation Switch
The activation switch location is different on Saberforge Avenger and Ultrasabers Guardian. The Ultrasabers Guardian switch is located much lower on the hilt and is also positioned differently on the hilt than the Saberforge Avenger. The activation switch location on the two hilts is one of the most radical differences between Ultrasabers Guardian and Saberforge Avengers.

Saberforge Avenger activation switch (left); Ultrasabers Guardian activation switch (right)

Grip Section
The overall design of the grip area on the two lightsabers is similar. Both hilts features an anodized black section surrounded by a metallic-silver colored shroud. The Ultrasabers Guardian grip section is larger than Saberforge grip section (of course, the Ultrasabers hilt is all-around larger than the Saberforge hilt). The top of the Ultrasabers Guardian grip section also features a notch for the AV switch. Saberforge Avenger does not feature a notch in the grip section for the switch (the Saberforge switch is located elsewhere on the hilt).

Saberforge Avenger grip area (left); Ultrasabers Guardian grip area (right)

Covertec wheel
The Covertec wheel is positioned in a similar spot on both lightsaber hilts. The Saberforge Avenger Covertec wheel uses a circle of small holes around the edge while the Ultrasabers Guardian is smooth.

Saberforge Avenger Covertec wheel (left); Ultrasabers Guardian Covertec wheel (right)

Both lightsaber hilt pommels are vented, but the styles are quite different. The Saberforge Avenger hilt has a metallic-silver colored grating on the bottom. The bottom of the Ultrasabers Guardian pommel is anodized black. The cube ring on the Saberforge Avenger is solid while the Ultrasabers Guardian cube ring has holes.

Saberforge Avenger pommel (left); Ultrasabers Guadian pommel (right)

The overall look of these two Prequel Trilogy Obi-Wan Kenobi style lightsabers is very similar. The layout of the two hilts is slightly different–some elements, like the activation switch, are located in different spots. Also, the Ultrasabers Guardian is considerably larger than the Saberforge Avenger.

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