What is an Enhanced Day Blade? | Lightsaber Terminology

An Enhanced Day Blade is a lightsaber day blade variation offering a slightly brighter blade illumination than a standard day blade, when the blade is matched with a similar LED color. The blade, which features dual diffusion, is intended for use in environments with lots of light, especially at conventions and events. Enhanced Day Blades DO NOT experience glare from overhead lighting. Additionally, the lightsaber blade color and brightness do not diminish in florescent light.

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Vader’s Vault Enhanced Day Blades (left) and The Custom Saber Shop Enhanced Day Blade supplies (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault (left) and The Custom Saber Shop (right)

Vader’s Vault currently offers Enhanced Day Blades in three colors: Red, Blue, and Amber/Gold. The blades come in multiple lengths and feature the option of a round tip or bullet tip. The 1 inch diameter blades are compatible with most in-hilt LED custom sabers that are designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. The Custom Saber Shop sells blade supplies for making Enhanced Day Blades as a DIY project as well.

Coring Effect

Pairing the Enhanced Day Blade with any LED color containing blue creates an Old Republic style coring effect. Blue light activates the dyes in the Enhanced Day Blade in order to create the effect.

Vader’s Vault Enhanced Day Blades

The Custom Saber Shop Enhanced Day Blade supplies (DIY)

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault (left) and The Custom Saber Shop (right)
Image depicts Enhanced Day Blades (left) and Enhanced Day Blade DIY supplies (right)

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