What’s the cheapest lightsaber that Saberforge sells?

The cheapest lightsaber that Saberforge manufactures is the $125 Mystery Box Saber. The Mystery Box Saber is not a specific hilt model–you could receive any of a number of hilt models as a Saberforge Mystery Box Saber. A Mystery Box Saber at the $125 level will most likely be a no sound saber (stunt saber), although there is a slim possibility that you could get a sound saber.

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Another thing to consider is that unfortunately, Saberforge Mystery Box Sabers are often out of stock because Saberforge limits Mystery Box Sabers to batches of 100. When all 100 sabers sell out, then Mystery Box Sabers are listed as ‘sold out’ and Saberforge often waits several weeks to several months before replenishing the Mystery Box Saber inventory. Since the Saberforge Mystery Box Saber inventory is so sporadic, buyers often need to wait for new batches. Nevertheless, Mystery Box Sabers are some of the cheapest lightsabers you can buy from Saberforge.

Recently, Saberforge introduced a new product called the Youngling Saber, which is a $59.99 budget sound saber. Saberforge DOES NOT manufacture the Youngling Saber–the Chinese saber company YDD Saber manufactures the Youngling Saber. Many other saber companies sell the Youngling Saber under a different name (i.e. ECO Saber, Tiny Giant Kyojin, etc).

The cheapest functional lightsaber you can find on the Saberforge website is the Youngling Saber. The cheapest lightsaber that Saberforge manufactures is the $125 Mystery Box Saber. The next cheapest lightsabers after the Mystery Box Saber are all of the sabers in Saberforge’s Shoto line, which cost $160 each for Warrior Tier sabers (light only; no sound).

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Do you own any of Saberforge’s cheap lightsabers?

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