Ultrasabers empty hilts

Can you install electronics in Ultrasabers empty hilts?

Can you install electronics in Ultrasabers empty hilts? I’ve gotten this question several times. The good news is yes, you can install electronics in Ultrasabers empty lightsaber hilts.

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This is an Ultrasabers Emperor’s Hand (Mara Jade style)s lightsaber hilt. The pommel is removeable on this hilt and on all Ultrasabers hilts. Some of the more premium Ultrasabers hilts break apart into additional pieces like: emitter, neck, body, etc. Removable components can make it easier to install electronics.

Most Ultrasabers hilts can accommodate many lightsaber soundboard sizes, but Ultrasabers V2 hilts are narrower that other Ultrasabers hilts and may be too small for some soundboards.

Some people will purchase Grab Bag Sabers or Mystery Box Sabers instead if getting an empty hilt with the intention of gutting the saber and customizing it themselves. It’s possible you could end up with a higher value hilt than what you paid, although you always want to assume you’ll receive a lightsaber of a similar value to what you paid.

Some of the lower end empty hilts by Ultrasabers are about $30, which is a pretty nice value. I really haven’t seen much cheaper than that out there. Some of the higher-end hilts are more like $100 or $200 and sometimes the price difference between the empty hilts and the stunt sabers is very small.

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