Thoughts on lightsaber snobbery and elitism

Lightsaber snobbery and elitism are somewhat common phenomena within the saber community. Here are a few the sabers that are a little controversial and some people will turn up their noses at them for a variety of reasons. Some people don’t like some of the basic Ultrasabers hilts (e.g. Apprentice, Initiate, Aeon, Dominix, etc) because they think the sabers are too bland in design.

Some people don’t like Kyberlight because they claim that some of the pieces and components are a little clunky. Other people don’t like the soundboard on the Kyberlight. Finally, some people don’t like Star Wars Hasbro The Black Series Force FX lightsabers because the sabers use string blades so you can’t seriously duel with them and for the price that you pay for them, you could get much better products from a custom saber company.

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Any one of these sabers could be a good fit for the right person, depending on the situation. For example, the Ultrasabers V2 hilts aren’t going to win a beauty contest and they’re a little bland in the design, but the hilt diameter is small so it’s great for kids. Ultrasabers V2 models are also great if someone is doing an event where they may not really need to have a fancy hilt–just something that lights up. Finally, the price point on some of the more basic Ultrasabers lightsabers is very low.

The Kyberlight is a very affordable sound saber for around $200. It has 20 different colors built in and you can mix and match a variety of accessories (e.g. top pieces, pommels, sleeves, etc) so you have a bunch of sabers built into one for a relatively decent price. That’s why I think this saber can be a great fit for some people and if somebody’s turning it up their nose at that, it’s not the saber for them, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there that would enjoy it.

The Force FX lightsabers made by Hasbro is not a dueling lightsaber. You can hit the saber against things a little bit, but it’s not as sturdy as some of the custom sabers. The functionality of it is very limited–you can wave the Force FX lightsaber around it makes a few different sounds but that’s about it. Some people argue you have many better options within the custom saber community, but at the same time the Force FX lightsaber is an official product made by Hasbro and some people want an official product. The saber does a lot of the basic things people want a lightsaber to do: you can turn it on and it makes lightsaber noises when you wave it and clash it, which is all that some people want, so I don’t think you can really knock anybody for liking that.

A variety of lightsaber products can fit a variety of situations and a variety of people. Not everybody can spend $500 on a lightsaber, for example, so some of the lower end lightsabers, under $200 or under $100, might be a good option.

What do you think about “lightsaber snobs”? Is there a tasteful way to disagree with a saber or a company without offending everyone who owns a lightsaber model or lightsaber brand?

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  1. This isn’t really a surprise. You see this kind of behavior in all the fandoms and collector communities. Especially on sites catering to high end replicas and making everything exact. Creativity on those sites get crushed instead of embraced.


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