Ultrasabers lightsaber sales: what you need to know

The Ultrasabers website typically has many sales. The custom saber manufacturer posts the sale right on their splash page. Let’s explore Ultrasabers sales and how they are structured.

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Let’s talk about some sales Ultrasabers has done in the past, some of which they may do in the future. Of course, there is no guarantee that Ultrasabers will do any of these sales, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they return to these sales eventually.

One thing you should know about Ultrasabers’ sales is they range in duration. Some sales will last a week or two some of them will last longer like a month or so so. The kind of discounts Ultrasabers offer will vary as well. One common sale they’ve done in the past is ten percent off all sabers. Also, when Ultrasabers says “10 percent off all sabers” empty hilts are excluded from the sale (at least in the past empty hilts have been excluded). Ultrasabers has also excluded Mystery Box Sabers from the 10 percent off sale. The sale does include their other stunt sabers and various sound sabers. In addition to a 10 percent off discount, Ultrasabers will usually offer freebie items that you can get if you spend a certain amount of money. Some freebies that Ultrasabers has offered include: free blade plug, free Ultra Spinner fidget spinner, free saber stand, free T-shirt, free charger, free Initiate Saber, free Grab Bag Saber, free Mystery Box saber. You can often combine all of the items too. For example you could spend $300 to get a free blade plug, $400 to get a free Ultraspinner, etc. In order to get a free lightsaber, you need to spend a lot of money.

More recently, Ultrasabers has offered free shipping during their sales. Some of the sales have included free shipping on orders as low as $300 and sometimes the free shipping threshold is set a bit higher, to $500. The free shipping does apply to the lower 48 states, so international orders and orders to Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from free shipping.

Another common sale by Ultrasabers is a 15% off sound saber sale. Stunt sabers (no sound) are excluded from the sale, but you can get a pretty nice deal on their sound saber models. Ultrasabers will often feature freebie items with their sound saber sales as well. Sometimes Ultrasabers will also list additional discounted items. For example, they’ll discount the Flash on Clash, discount the charger or include a free charger.

Ultrasabers has also held many raffles and sometimes they do combine this raffle with a sale or freebie items. Sometimes Ultrasabers will just have the raffle by itself. In order to enter the raffle you need to be a member of SaberForum. Another requirement is if you enter the raffle that means you’re delaying the shipping of your order. So if you win the raffle, your prize will be shipped at the same time as your order. That means if you make a purchase at the very beginning of this promotion of the raffle you need to wait I don’t know a week or two or up to a month–whenever Ultrasabers is ending the promotion–in order for your order to ship. So if you want your saber sooner, then you may want to abstain from the raffle. Sometimes freebie items are also incorporated into the raffle promotion as well.

During the 10% off all sabers, 15% off all sound sabers, and raffle promotions, sometimes Ultrasabers has offered a free random Initiate Saber or free Mystery Box Saber. Recently, Ultrasabers has set the price for getting a free saber pretty high. For example, you might need to spend $500 to get a free random Initiate Saber or spend $800 to get a free Mystery Box Saber. Given the fact that those prices are a little high it makes me wonder how many people actually reach that price to get the free sabers. Nevertheless, you may be able to snag a free saber. You may want to try getting a group together so that you can pool your money to buy sabers together.

The free items are usually combineable–make sure that you enter the coupon codes during checkout otherwise Ultrasabers won’t send you the free items. If you forget to enter the coupon codes, contact Ultrasabers immediately and ask them if they’re able to add the freebie items to your order manually.

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Have you placed an order with Ultrasabers during one of their sales? What kind of discount and freebie items did you receive?

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