Kyberlight lightsaber blade plug Full review

Custom saber company Kyberlight currently produces only one style of lightsaber blade plug, called ‘Kyberlight Blade Plug’. Kyberlight Blade Plug costs $9.99 on the Kyberlight website and appears only come in one length. The blade plug is compatible with lightsabers that can accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade and is 1.5 inches long. Consider that the blade plug shown on the Kyberlight website looks longer than the blade plug you will receive. The photo makes the blade plug look like it’s maybe two inches long or so, but I’ve ordered blade plugs from Kyberlight multiple times and have always received a 1.5 long blade plug.

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I love the design of the Kyberlight Blade Plug! The blade plug features an attractive outer ring of holes toward the edge and an inner inner ring of holes toward the middle. The two-toned blade plug features a few metallic reflective pieces that off-set the predominantly black coloring of the top of the blade plug.

Since the top disc of the blade plug is lipped and slightly larger in diameter than the plastic core, the Kyberlight Blade Plug can rest on top of the emitter area, which helps prevent the blade plug from getting stuck in the saber. Keep in mind that lipped blade plugs don’t work very well with slanted emitters or other unusually emitter shapes.

Although the Kyberlight Blade Plug looks cool by itself, it looks ten times or more cooler when it’s attached to an illuminated by a lightsaber! The blade plug is compatible with lightsabers from other custom saber companies companies so, just make sure that the lightsaber hilt is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade (you can’t use the blade plug on a saber designed for 7/8 inch diameter blades). Also, the 1.5 inch length of the blade plug should work with many lightsabers. If you have a lightsaber with windows in the emitter, however, make sure the length of the blade plug is long enough to reach the bottom of the windows.

The Kyberlight Blade Plug looks very similar to the dual-toned Saberforge Elite SF blade plug. In fact, the designs are nearly identical. Some of the reflective lines are a bit more spaced out on the Kyberlight Blade Plug than they are on the Saberforge Elite SF Blade Plug.

All things considered, the Kyberlight Blade Plug is a simple, but attractive lightsaber blade plug and for under $10, the blade plug is a pretty good deal as well.

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