Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug Dual Tone Full Review (retired)

Saberforge Apprentice blade plugs dual tone

This is a Saberforge Apprentice Blade Plug and it’s the dual tone version. The dual tone version is a black with some metallic silver (a solid black Apprentice blade plug was also available). The blade plug is 1 inch in diameter. The top of the blade plug is metal and the tube section of the blade … Read more

KR Sabers Simple Blade Plug Full Review | For Lightsaber

KR Sabers Simple Blade Plug

The KR Sabers Simple Blade Plug lives up to it’s name–it’s a simple, no frills lightsaber blade plug. The Custom Saber Shop sells the same blade plug under a different, less glamorous name; Hilt Safety Plug Style 7. Watch KR Sabers Simple Blade Plug 1 inch or 7/8 inch diameter full review The Custom Saber … Read more

Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade full review | lightsaber polycarbonate

Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade

The Saberforge V4 Infinity Edge Blade is the standard polycarbonate lightsaber blade that Saberforge sells. For a long time, the V4 Infinity Edge Blade was Saberforges’ only standard blade (excluding colored Day Blades). Saberforge has since added two specialty blades to their store: Containment Blade and Unstable Blade. Saberforge also sells some non-standard blades, including: … Read more

jarret921 Clear lightsaber crystal chamber blade plug full review

jarret921 lightsaber crystal chamber blade plug

The is a Crystal Chamber Blade Plug from eBay seller jarret921 [AFFILIATE LINK]. As a disclaimer, jarret921 sent me this lightsaber blade plug for free to review, thank you very much for that. This is a cool looking blade plug. Watch Clear lightsaber crystal chamber blade plug full review (eBay seller jarret921) on YouTube The … Read more

Sabertrio Blade Plug full review

Sabertrio blade plug

Sabertrio is a Malaysia based custom saber company that currently makes only one lightsaber blade plug design called ‘Blade Plug’. Sabertrio does not have a special name for the blade plug at the moment, but maybe in the future if the company decides to make more blade plug designs they will name them. UPDATE: This blade … Read more

Kyberlight lightsaber blade plug Full review

Kyberlight lightsaber blade plug

Custom saber company Kyberlight currently produces only one style of lightsaber blade plug, called ‘Kyberlight Blade Plug’. Kyberlight Blade Plug costs $9.99 on the Kyberlight website and appears only come in one length. The blade plug is compatible with lightsabers that can accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade and is 1.5 inches long. Consider that the … Read more