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Sabertrio is a Malaysia based custom saber company that currently makes only one lightsaber blade plug design called ‘Blade Plug’. Sabertrio does not have a special name for the blade plug at the moment, but maybe in the future if the company decides to make more blade plug designs they will name them.

UPDATE: This blade plug design is discontinued. Sabertrio has some similar design options, however.

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The Sabertrio blade plug uses an opaque plastic and features a metal dish in the center. The metal dish has a black ring with small holes for bits of light to shine through. It’s a pretty neat, simple design and for the $5 price tag. Sabertrio Blade Plug is arguably one of the most affordable blade plugs on the market. Consider if you’re a United States buyer like me and you bought just one blade plug from Sabertrio, the the minimum shipping was $18 via DHL. Due to shipping costs, the blade plug isn’t very practical to buy on its own, but rather you would want to add it on to your saber order or purchase some other items from Sabertrio along with the blade plug.

The Sabertrio blade plug is 1 inch in diameter only (no 7/8 inch or 3/4 inch options). Sabertrio only sells sabers that accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. You can select from three blade plug lengths: 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and 2.25 inches.

The Sabertrio blade plug is a very simple, but attractive design that just might be one of the best budget-friendly blade plugs on the market at the moment.

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