Top 4 Reasons to Use a Lightsaber Blade Plug

Why do you need a lightsaber blade plug? A blade plug is a small, cylindrical piece of polycarbonate installed in a lightsaber hilt in place of a blade. Let’s talk about the top 4 reasons why you should use a lightsaber blade plug.

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1. Increase Safety
Blade plugs, also sometimes called safety plugs, are often installed on lightsabers with electronics in order to prevent the bright LED from shining in someone’s eyes. Many blade plugs will block most of the light from shining out of the saber hilt.

2. Complete the look of the hilt
If you look inside the top of a lightsaber without a blade, you’ll see: the LED module (in-hilt LED sabers), pins (neopixel sabers) or nothing at all (empty hilts). All three scenarios ruin the illusion of having a ‘real’ lightsaber. Installing a blade plug covers up the hole in the emitter area and increases the realism of the hilt.

3. Make the hilt look more Canon (or increase screen accuracy)
Making the hilt look more Canon is a more specific form of completing the look of the hilt. Lightsabers inspired by movie hilts or any Canon Star Wars material may require a specific style of blade plug in order to complete the look of the hilt and the present the most accurate hilt appearance. For example, the Skywalker lightsaber features a pin in the emitter area. KR Sabers makes several styles of blade plugs designed to match specific movie inspired hilts.

4. Show off something cool
Some blade plugs just look freakin’ cool and that’s a good enough reason to use a blade plug. The Crystal Chamber Blade Plug by eBay seller jarret921 and the Flame Blade Plug by Etsy seller Outer Rim Sabers both look awesome when they’re installed and illuminated.

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