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Here are some very cool and realistic lightsaber art prints from Etsy seller Digital Theory. As a disclaimer, Digital Theory sent me these art prints for free to review, so thank you very much for that.

Digital Theory Etsy Store (realistic lightsaber art prints) [AFFILIATE LINK]

Digital Theory’s series of lightsaber inspired pieces are called ‘Original Giclée Art Print ‘Elegant Weapons’. Each art print represents one of the Original Trilogy Star Wars movies, spotlighting a prominent lightsaber from the movie. On the left is ‘Vader Episode V’, on the right is ‘Skywalker Episode VI’. Digital Theory also designed a ‘Skywalker Episode IV’ depicting the blue-bladed Graflex lightsaber.

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They layout of each art print is similar. All of art prints primarily use black and shades of gray in background. Each print features a different large, Star Wars logo: Episode VI depicts the Rebel logo, Episode V depicts the Imperial logo, and Episode Vi depicts the Jedi logo. The art print background also depicts small silhouettes of settings, vehicles and ships from the specific movie. Finally, the lightsaber hilt and it’s colorful and bright blade extends from the middle up the page up to the top of the print.

The lightsaber, especially the blade section, is very realistic and lifelike. The lightsaber hilt section is meticulously detailed to match the design from the corresponding movie. The bright blade section ‘pops’ off the page and almost feels real–as if it’s actually glowing, even though it’s printed on paper.

Digital Theory lightsaber art prints compared to actual sabers
Digital Theory lightsaber art prints compared to actual sabers | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

The lightsaber art prints (i.e. posters) are sold individually or as a set of 3. Multiple size options are available, ranging from 11 x 17 inches up to a wall-dominating ‘Super Pano’ 20 x 60 inches.

In addition of the lightsaber themed ‘Elegant Weapons’ series, Digital Theory also sells dozens of other comic, cult film, and pop culture inspired art prints as well, including a ‘TK-421’ stormtrooper helmet art print.

Digital Theory said he intends to continue the lightsaber art print series with additional designs for the Prequel Trilogy, but due to a busy schedule and ‘life stuff’ is unsure when he will be able to get around to it.

Digital Theory Etsy Store (realistic lightsaber art prints) [AFFILIATE LINK]

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