The TRUTH about lightsabers

The truth about lightsabers is…lightsabers are super awesome! You can get small lightsabers, you can get big lightsabers, you can get officially, licensed lightsabers, you can get stunt sabers, you can get sound sabers you can get very inexpensive toy sabers like the Space Sword from Walmart.

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Lightsabers really whatever you want them to be. Even if you don’t have money to buy a lightsaber, you could always turn a broomstick into a lightsaber and make your own sounds, like Star Wars Kid. Otherwise you could pick up cheap Walmart Space Sword.

One of my favorite things about lightsabers is they’re very versatile. There as so many different directions you can go with them. You can spend no money on a lightsaber, a small amount of money on a lightsaber or tons of money on lightsaber (if you can afford it!). Heck, you can make your own lightsaber out of scrap or out of a paper towel roll.

In addition to the saber itself, you can buy or make many different accessories for lightsabers including: stands, blade plugs, blades, couplers, etc. The sky is the limit.

Lightsabers are really awesome and that’s what this channel is about. Do you agree that lightsabers are awesome? What do you think is the ‘truth’ about lightsabers?

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