Saberforge Fallen Initiate Tier empty hilt DIY full review Revan style lightsaber

This is a Saberforge Fallen Initiate Tier lightsaber hilt (‘Initiate’ is Saberforge’s name for an empty hilt). This hilt has the Saberforge standard finish. Saberforge does offer many other finish options as well.

Watch Saberforge Fallen Initiate Tier empty hilt DIY full review Revan style lightsaber on YouTube

The standard finish Fallen hilt is mostly metallic with some added black and gold elements. Saberforge empty hilts do include dummy switches, which is great for people who would like to use the hilt as a display piece or cosplay right out of the box. You don’t need to add any switches or buttons to the empty hilt to complete the look of the saber.

Saberforge Fallen is designed to accommodate 1 inch diameter blades. The hilt also contains two tapped holes on the rear of the saber and the retention screws are included. In addition, Saberforge Fall includes a Covertec wheel near the bottom of the hilt. The pommel is vented, so you could do a sound install, if you’d like. Sabeforge Fallen is a Revan style hilt, which is quite a popular design.

One final thought is this hilt did include a blade plug. Empty hilts that you purchase from Saberforge include a blade plug, but you don’t have any control over which blade plug you receive. You could order the same hilt that I did and receive a different blade plug. Thin-necked Saberforge hilts DO NOT include a blade plug.
* * *
How do you like Saberforge Fallen? Do you have any Saberforge hilts or Revan-inspired hilts?


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