Saberforge Empty Hilts (Initiate Tier): What to expect

What’s included with Saberforge empty hilts or Initiate Tier lightsabers, as Saberforge calls them? Saberforge Fallen and Saberforge Prodigal Son, both featured in the article’s photo, are totally empty hilts (no electronics). One thing you may notice right away is that there are no open activation switch holes. Saberforge Fallen features two dummy switches and Prodigal Son features a button in the activation box area that can be pressed, which is kind of a nice feature if you want to use either of these sabers for display right out of the box or for cosplay.

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Another thing that’s included with many Saberforge empty hilts is a blade plug (thin necked sabers DO NOT include a blade plug). My Saberforge Fallen lightsaber hilt included an Elite SF Blade Plug. Saberforge selects the blade plug–the buyer does not have any control over the style or length of blade plug that they receive. Apparently, Reactor is a pretty common blade plug to get. Just because I received an Elite SF Blade Plug with my Saberforge Fallen hilt mean you would receive the same style.

Empty Saberforge lightsaber hilts include drilled and tapped retention screw holes. The screws are included as well. Some hilts, like Prodigal Son, include only one retention screw and screw hole. Other hilts include more screws and screw holes. In addition the hex key for the retention screws is included.

Depending on the design, your hilt will either include a covertec wheel or ring near the bottom of the hilt. Even though Saberforge empty hilts include a hex key for the retention screws, the hilts DO NOT include a hex key to remove the covertec wheel.

What’s nice about Saberforge empty hilts is they’re ready to display or wear right out of the box, but you also maintain the option to install electronics in the hilt at some point.

Quick list of items included with a Saberforge empty hilt:
– dummy switch (i.e. no open activation switch hole) [NOTE: When I purchased empty hilt Mystery Box Sabers, the hilts did not include dummy switches]
– retention screw(s)
– hex key for retention screw
– blade plug (excludes thin necked sabers; Saberforge selected style and length)
– Covertec wheel or ring (varies by hilt style)

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