Saberforge Prodigal Son Initiate Tier empty hilt DIY full review

This Saberforge Prodigal Son is an Initiate Tier saber, which means it’s the empty hilt only–no electronics and nothing’s on the inside at all. The hilt would make a great display piece right out of the box, but you could also install your own electronics in the hilt.

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Prodigal Son is a popular Saberforge hilt design since it’s (unofficially) inspired by the design of the Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi lightsaber hilt. The hilt is mostly a silver color with some black elements. The neck features some nice copper coloring as well. The blade retention screw is also included in the emitter area.

Prodigal Son is a thin neck saber and if you get a thin neck saber from Saberforge that means you need to use special thin neck blade rather than a standard blade. All Saberforge thin neck sabers, including Prodigal Son, require a thin neck blade. Also, thin neck sabers are not compatible with blade plugs.

The hilt features many nice details including the red and green arrows by the activation switch box. Prodigal Son does not include a Covertec wheel–instead the hilt features a tri-ring that would allow you to attach the hilt to belt clip.This hilt is about 12 inches long and features a removable pommel. The pommel is a smaller pommel than you might think–the pommel is just this small portion at the bottom of the hilt.

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