Saberforge Apprentice vs Elite lightsabers: What’s the difference?

a selection of Saberforge lightsabers

Saberforge Apprentice and Elite are two of the most common categories of lightsabers on the Saberforge website. The titles ‘Apprentice’ and ‘Elite’ refer to categories rather than specific hilt models. For example, the lightsaber on the far left is an example of an Apprentice lightsaber, but the lightsaber itself is called Disciple. The lightsabers to … Read more

Saberforge Prodigal Son Lightsaber Full Review | Thin Neck Saber

Saberforge Prodigal Son lightsaber

This Saberforge Prodigal Son lightsaber is an Initiate Tier saber, which means it’s the empty hilt only–no electronics and nothing’s on the inside at all. The hilt would make a great display piece right out of the box, but you could also install your own electronics in the hilt. Watch Saberforge Prodigal Son Initiate Tier empty … Read more