Saberforge Disciple black finish blue blade Warrior Tier lightsaber full review

The Saberforge Disciple is one of the more basic and affordable sabers that Saberforge sells. This saber is Warrior Tier, which means it’s a stunt saber (light only and no sound). The blade color is medium blue and the wrap color in the grip area is also medium blue. The hilt features an all black finish, rather than the standard finish, giving the Disciple more of a tactical look.

Watch Saberforge Disciple black finish blue blade Warrior Tier lightsaber full review on YouTube

The Disciple’s hilt is 10.8 inches long and 1.35 inches in diameter. The smaller diameter makes the hilt easier to maneuver, especially for kids. The hilt also features a choke point above the AV switch, making the saber easier to spin. The recharge port is located below the AV switch (you would install the kill key when the saber is not activated to save the battery). The Covertec wheel is located near the bottom of the hilt. Saberforge includes Covertec wheels with most hilt, although certain styles include a ring on the saber instead.

Disciple uses a slanted emitter, which means blade plugs with a lip are NOT compatible with the hilt because the lip catches at the top of a slanted emitter. The saber is also not compatible with the short coupler.

Overall, Saberforge Disciple is a light, maneuverable saber that could be a decent entry-level hilt.


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