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DC Sabers High Table Lightsaber, a custom mashup saber design, takes inspiration from the John Wick series. An etched High Table crest adorns the emitter shroud and a vented bullet case inspired crystal reveal is situated right below the shroud. DC Sabers offers High Table lightsaber as an installed pixel saber with a Proffieboard soundboard. DC Sabers began accepting pre-orders in January and estimates that the sabers will begin shipping in late March 2023.

DC Sabers (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/DCSabers affiliate link

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DC Sabers High Table Lightsaber

High Table lightsaber features a mostly tactical black finish with a gold accents including an emitter shroud and ring accents flanking either end of the knurled grip section. Shroud features an etched High Table crest. A blade retention screw is situated between two stacked vertical windows in the emitter on the rear of the hilt. A cutout section in the shroud on either side of the hilt reveals two additional emitter windows. A distinctive vented bullet case inspired crystal reveal further exudes the neo-noir, underworld aesthetic of the hilt design. Although the hilt is not weathered by design, DC Sabers is open to weathering the hilt by special request.

DC Sabers offers the High Table lightsaber as a Proffieboard-equipped pixel saber complete with an exclusive John Wick sound font package! Pixel sabers feature RGB color changing and various sound effects and visual effects.


DC Sabers (Etsy) https://www.etsy.com/shop/DCSabers affiliate link
DC Sabers https://www.dcsabers.co.uk

United Kingdom based DC Sabers, founded in 2016, is custom saber company specializing in empty hilts and installed sabers. Many designs feature detailed etching and weathering. The company accepts commissions on custom projects as well.

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