What is a crystal reveal lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A crystal reveal lightsaber is a lightsaber that contains a concealed kyber crystal chamber inside of the hilt. According to Star Wars canon, a kyber crystal, sometimes called the lightsaber crystal, is a Force-attuned mineral located at lightsaber’s core.

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The crystal reveal lightsaber’s crystal chamber, which is sometimes spring-loaded, is typically revealed by twisting a section in the middle of the hilt and sliding out the ‘hidden’ internal crystal chamber out. Alternatively, a crystal reveal lightsaber may use a removable panel or side cover on the hilt to conceal (and reveal) the crystal chamber.

The internal crystal chamber is often wired to the hilt’s electronics and may illuminate the crystal or crystals when the lightsaber is turn on. Depending on the features of the lightsaber soundboard or controller, the embedded crystal may also employ visual effects like flickering, pulsing, etc.

Adding an internal crystal chamber to a lightsaber enhances the realism of the lightsaber. Crystal reveal lightsabers are typically more expensive and less durable than lightsabers without a crystal reveal. Some crystal reveal lightsabers may NOT be duel worthy since they tend to be more fragile than non-crystal reveal lightsabers.

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COVER IMAGE CREDIT: aynranfan (eBay seller)
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