Parks Sabers: Custom Saber Maker Since 1993 | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

Parks Sabers Crossguard Saber

Parks Sabers is a custom saber company based in Texas that specializes in character inspired lightsaber hilts. Lightsaber maker Jeffrey Parks founded the company in the 1990s, making Parks Sabers one of the oldest custom saber companies in existence. Lightsabers made by the company are sometimes referred to simply as ‘Parks’ for short (not to … Read more

Lightsaber Hilt Seller aynranfan Returns to eBay (Jeffrey Parks)

aynranfan Graflex lightsaber hilt

Following a two month hiatus, eBay seller aynranfan (Jeffrey Parks) [affiliate link] has returned to eBay, selling additional budget-friendly, character inspired lightsaber hilts. The aynranfan eBay account is operated by Jeffery Parks, the founder of the custom saber company Park Sabers. The hilts, all of which are empty, range in price from $119 for a standard … Read more

aynranfan Adds Kylo, Maul, and Sidious Lightsaber Hilt Bundle to eBay

aynranfan lightsaber bundle

Ebay seller aynranfan [affiliate link] has added a $399.99 three lightsaber hilt bundle comprised of: a Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaber hilt, a Darth Maul lightsaber hilt and a Darth Sidious lightsaber hilt. All three ‘dark side’ prop hilts, which are metal, are shipped assembled. The hilts could be displayed out of the box. Alternatively, the hilts could be … Read more

aynranfan ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop’ Full Review | Jeffrey Parks

aynranfan Graflex lightsaber

Ebay seller aynranfan is offering a ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop‘ [EBAY AFFILIATE LINK]. The seller, aynranfan is Jeffrey Parks, who used to run the custom saber website Parks Sabers. Although the eBay listing is named ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop’, the hilt is actually configured like the Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back … Read more

What is a crystal reveal lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

crystal reveal lightsaber

A crystal reveal lightsaber is a lightsaber that contains a concealed kyber crystal chamber inside of the hilt. According to Star Wars canon, a kyber crystal, sometimes called the lightsaber crystal, is a Force-attuned mineral located at lightsaber’s core. The crystal reveal lightsaber’s crystal chamber, which is sometimes spring-loaded, is typically revealed by twisting a … Read more

Movie Inspired Lightsaber Hilts from eBay seller aynranfan | Lightsaber Company Spotlight

aynranfan Graflex lightsaber

Ebay seller aynranfan [AFFILIATE LINK] is selling multiple movie inspired lightsaber hilts, including: • Graflex (Skywalker inspired) • Sidious inspired • Maul inspired • Kenobi ANH inspired • Kenobi Episode I inspired • Kylo Ren inspired (Crystal Reveal) • Skywalker ROTJ inspired (Crystal Reveal) • Vader Inspired Most of the aynranfan lightsaber hilts, which are sold assembled and empty (no … Read more

$99 Movie Inspired Lightsaber Hilts from eBay Seller aynranfan

aynranfan lightsaber hilts

Ebay seller aynranfan is offering a selection of movie inspired lightsaber hilts [AFFILIATE LINK] for about $99 each, including free United States shipping. The hilts are empty and do not include a blade or electronics. The hilts could be used as display pieces, cosplay accessories, or could be installed with electronics. As of 2021, the hilts … Read more

Parks Sabers Double Helix Lightsaber Released | New Saber Alert

The Parks Sabers Double Helix lightsaber, a vintage custom saber circa 2003, is an original design with three pincer-like claws in the emitter area. Park Sabers initially released Double Helix as an EL Saber (with electro-luminescent blades) and later as a Phase Saber (with in-blade LED lighting). Originally released around 2003, the Park Sabers Double … Read more