aynranfan ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop’ Full Review | Jeffrey Parks

Ebay seller aynranfan is offering a ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop‘ [EBAY AFFILIATE LINK]. The seller, aynranfan is Jeffrey Parks, who used to run the custom saber website Parks Sabers. Although the eBay listing is named ‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop’, the hilt is actually configured like the Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back lightsaber. Also, although aynranfan hilts look similar to Korbanth hilts, the hilts are NOT exactly the same as the current Korbanth lightsabers.

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The empty metal hilt arrives assembled, which is convenient if you’d like to display the hilt or wear the hilt right out of the box. You’re also able disassemble part of the hilt in order to do an electronics install on the hilt.

Several of the components may be disassembled, including the removable threaded pommel. The pommel features a D-ring, making the hilt easy to wear. The vertical t-track grips above the pommel are made of a plasticy material rather than a rubbery material like some t-track grips. The grips are attached to the hilt with an adhesive and reinforced with screws in a notched area near the bottom of each grip.

The clamp card is attached, possibly glued, to the activation box in the middle of the hilt. The hilt is able to separate in the middle as well. The two thumb screws in the emitter area of the hilt are both removable. Each thumbscrew contains an anodized red middle section that can be pressed like a button. Additionally, one of the thumb screw greeblies at the top of the hilt doubles as a blade retention screw. The hilt features the iconic bunny ears at the top. The hilt, which weights 1 lb 2 oz, is designed to accommodate a 7/8 inch diameter blade.

‘Graflex 2.0 Rey Lightsaber Hilt Prop’ is currently attractively priced at $99.99 with free United States shipping, which is a great value for an empty Graflex style lightsaber hilt. Many other similar empty Graflex style lightsaber hilts sell for $150 or more.

Ebay seller aynranfan offers several other styles of lightsaber hilts in his store as well. Some of the hilts you can purchases individually, like the Graflex hilt. Other lightsaber hilts he only sells in bundles of two or three different hilts. His listings state that he unwilling to break apart the bundles to sell individual hilts. Most of his hilts sell for around $100 each with free United States shipping.

aynranfan Lightsaber Hilts on eBay [AFFILIATE LINK]

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