What are bunny ears? (Lightsaber Terminology)

Bunny ears are one of the signature design elements of the Graflex lightsaber. They’re located near the top of the saber hilt in the emitter area. Bunny ears areĀ a piece of metal that splits apart into two ‘ears’ and sticks out of the saber hilt. If you’re eery packing or shipping a Graflex-style lightsaber hilt, make sure you adequately pad the bunny ears since they stick out more than other components and could more easily become damaged.

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There are a few different styles of bunny ears. It’s very common to see a curved design of bunny ears, like you see on a the Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Rey (Jedi Training) lightsaber hilt. There are a few other styles of bunny ears, too. Bunny ears have different amounts of ‘curve’ to them. Some bunny ears will curve slightly, while other will curve more extremely.

A Star Wars: EFX Collectibles Rey lightsaber features curved bunny ears while the Master Replica Anakin Skywalker 0.45 scale lightsaber features sraight line and thicker bunny ears.

Bunny ears are most strongly associated with Graflex (or Skywalker) style lightsabers, but other lightsaber hilt models may employ bunny ears as well.
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