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The Saberforge Phoenix is an Ahsoka Tano inspired lightsaber. The hilt is two-toned–primarily metallic with some black elements built in, especially in the grip area. The hilt is about 11 inches long–not too long or too short–and features an all around symmetrical design. If you sliced the lightsaber hilt down the center, each side would be nearly identical.

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At the top of the hilt, the shroud dramatically spits apart. There are two small wings, one on either side of the hilt, as if someone ripped the signature bunny ears off the Graflex lightsaber and stuck one bunny ear on each side of the Phoenix hilt. The small wings near the emitter also adds a hint of a crossguard saber. The hilt features a round, black greeblie below one of the wings.

Saberforge Phoenix lightsaber with pink blade
Saberforge Phoenix lightsaber with pink blade | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

The hilt uses a standard metallic AV switch to activate the saber with a simple, black kill key covering the recharge port below it. A toothed, tapered, vented pommel caps the hilt on the end with a solid black Covertec wheel positioned just above the pommel.

This specific hilt features a custom sound install of SaberCore Crimson and a pink LED.

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