16 Popular Lightsaber Companies You Must Know About in 2021

Is your dream custom lightsaber duel worthy, a realistic and stunning display piece, or simply a cheap and fun sound saber to swing around? Let’s explore 16 popular custom lightsaber companies in 2021. The list includes established players along with smaller companies and rising stars you may not have heard about yet. The list is in no particular order.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. SaberSourcing does not necessarily endorse the product or services. Research a company before buying from them.

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1. ACLightsabers

Lightsaber Types: stunt sabers (no sound), sound sabers, neopixel sabers (occasionally)
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: Malaysia

ACLightsabers offers a selection of handcrafted budget friendly sabers. Many of the least expensive hilts are crafted from PVC and decorated with black wrap or chrome wrap to make the hilt look more realistic. The company sells some custom sabers with metal hilts and a few flat acrylic blades as well.

ACLightsabers custom sabers (various models)

2. LGT and YDD Saber Resellers

Many first time custom saber buyers are looking for inexpensive, feature-rich sabers that light up and make sound. YDD Saber and LGT saber make many affordably-priced, OEM lightsabers.

Many different companies are resellers of YDD and/or LGT products including: Crimson Dawn (United States), Vire Sabers (United States), Darkwolf Sabers (United States), and The Padawan Outpost (United Kingdom). Here’s a longer list of LGT and YDD Saber resellers as well. Please note that although many companies sell the same products, not all of the same companies provide the same delivery speed, customer service, repairs and followup. Research the reseller/company carefully before buying from them.

YDD and LGT sabers
IMAGE CREDIT YDD (left) and LGT (right)

3. Bendu Armory

https://www.etsy.com/shop/benduarmory | https://benduarmory.com
Lightsaber Types: empty sleeves, sound sabers, neopixel sabers
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: United States

Bendu Armory differentiates itself from the pack by making a selection of carbon fiber lightsaber hilts installed with a proprietary QuickSwap Core. The QuickSwap Core enables users to easily remove the core electronics from one carbon fiber sleeve design and install the core into a different sleeve design. Bendu Armory specializes in carbon fiber lightsabers, but previously released a run of aluminum Ahsoka Tano style hilts as well. The company also sells individual neopixel lightsaber blades.

Bendu Armory lightsabers

4. Vader’s Vault (VV)

Lightsaber Types: sound sabers, neopixel sabers
Price Range: midrange, high end
Location: United States

Vader’s Vault is a legendary favorite in the custom saber community. The company continues to pioneer new saber technologies and produces balanced, high quality sabers with many customizing options. Although the company’s lead time for orders is typically several months or more, Vader’s Vault is transparent and attentive to their customers and the saber community at large, and the owners frequently post and engage in the Facebook group The Vault: A Custom Saber Community.

Vader’s Vault hosts a wildly popular Ready To Ship (RTS) promotion a few times each year, typically for May 4th (Star Wars Day) and in November for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. During the promotion the company releases a batch of pre-built and completed lightsabers that ship in a matter of weeks rather than months. The RTS sabers, some of which are specialized and customized, may sell out in minutes of their release.

Vader's Vault lightsabers
IMAGE CREDIT Vader’s Vault

5. The Pach Store

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts, stunt saber (no sound), sound sabers, neopixel sabers
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: Hong Kong

The Pach Store offers a blend of custom sabers that are mostly budget friendly to midrange in price, ranging from empty hilts to budget RGB sound sabers to neopixel sabers. Some of the company’s offerings are OEM lightsabers along with WonderForce and Ultimate Works character inspired sabers. Many of the product offerings are released as limited runs so products rotate over time.

The Pach Store lightsabers

6. Sabertrio (ST)

https://www.etsy.com/shop/Sabertrio | https://sabertrio.com
Lightsaber Types: stunt saber (no sound), sound sabers, neopixel sabers
Price Range: midrange
Location: Malaysia

Sabertrio makes high quality sabers at a good value. The company’s hilt designs are original while taking some design cues from familiar fan favorite character hilts. Sabertrio hilts are sleek, attractive, and ergonomic in design. Due to strong demand for Sabertrio products, the company only opens their store periodically and closes the store once they reach their order limit so they don’t get too backlogged with orders.

Sabertrio Vektra and Reaver lightsabers

7. Korbanth

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts, neopixel sabers
Price Range: midrange
Location: United States

Korbanth sells character inspired empty hilt kits, neopixel sabers and accesories. The company sells hilts made by several different companies including: 89 Sabers, LDM Custom Sabers, and KR Sabers. Since most of the hilts are limited runs, the selection varies and rotates over time. Korbanth also sells custom costumes, helmets, and models.

Korbanth lightsabers

8. SaberMach

https://www.etsy.com/shop/sabermach | https://sabermach.com
Lightsaber Types: sound sabers, neopixel sabers
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: Singapore

SaberMach states that the company is Singapore’s only premium custom combat saber manufacterer. The company sells an assortment of mostly midrange in-hilt LED sound sabers and neopixel sabers. SaberMach also offers a few entry level, budget friendly sabers in the KitSabers section of the store including a katana inspired saber called the Makaze lightsaber.

SaberMach lightsaber

9. Saberforge

https://www.etsy.com/shop/Saberforge  | https://saberforge.com
Lightsaber Types: empty hilts, stunt sabers (no sound), sound sabers, neopixel sabers
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: United States

Saberforge is a large, established and high volume custom saber company. The company offers an extensive range of hilt designs ranging from empty hilts, to budget friendly ECO Sabers, to midrange character inspired sabers, to sabers with crystal chambers and exotic designs (i.e. crossguard sabers). The Saberforge Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) line enables lightsaber enthusiasts to create their own custom lightsaber usering mix-and-match emitters, switches, bodies, and pommels. Saberforge periodically offers the popular promotions such as Mystery Box Sabers, closeouts, and sales on scratch and dent pieces.


10. Electrum Sabercrafts (ES)

Lightsaber Types: sound sabers, neopixel sabers
Price Range: midrange
Location: Canada

Electrum Sabercrafts calls all of their sabers “Smart Sabers” because the lightsabers are customizable via Bluetooth. Lightsaber enthusiasts may use the Electrum Unity App in order customize sound and blade color options on the fly. The company’s hilts are slim, sleek and balanced and feature a midrange price point. One of the company’s signature features is the lightsaber’s touch plate activation. Electrum Sabercrafts lightsabers use a proprietary Diatium 3 soundboard.

Electrum Sabercrafts lightsabers
IMAGE CREDIT Electrum Sabercrafts

11. KR Sabers (KR)

Lightsaber Types:
empty hilts
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: United Kingdom

KR Sabers, which operates the store The Saber Armory, is an innovative custom saber company attuned to the lightsaber community and new technologies. The company offers an extremely customizable empty hilt called the KR Saber Flagship V2 hilt. Artisans like Vaults of Valhala commonly use the Flagship V2 as the basis of their creations, including this lavish Lord of the Rings inspired hilt.

KR Sabers regularly creates limited runs of character inspired empty hilts, sometimes collaborating on projects with One Replicas. In addition to selling empty hilts, KR Sabers offers a selection of accessories and DIY lightsaber parts as well.

KR Sabers lightsaber hilts

12. One Replicas (OR)

Lightsaber Types:
empty hilts
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: Spain

One Replicas makes an elegant empty hilt line called the Super Stunt series. The Super Stunt series is comprised of a selection of character inspired hilts with a slim diameter and low profile features. The Super Stunt hilts really are the best of both worlds: character inspired hilts with simplified and more practical design features that make the hilts more suitable for dueling and spinning. One Replicas sells low profile control boxes, clamp cards, switches and other parts in their store as well. The company sometimes collaborates with KR Sabers on limited hilt runs, too.

One Replicas lightsaber hilts

13. Kyberlight (KL)

Lightsaber Types: sound saber
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: United States

Unlike most custom saber companies, Kyberlight only offers one lightsaber hilt model. The Kyberlight Saber is an affordable sound saber with in-hilt RGB color changing (the company does not offer a neopixel option). Kyberlight uses a modular system of parts allowing the user to mix-and-match easily removable top pieces, sleeves and pommel (end caps) to customize the overall appearance of the lightsaber hilt. Some of the pieces are themed and bundled to resemble popular saber designs including: the Fallen Order Bundle and the Vizsla Bundle.

Kyberlight lightsaber

14. Ultrasabers (US)

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts, stunt sabers (no sound), sound sabers
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: United States

Although the established player Ultrasabers remains a behemoth in the custom saber industry, some of the Ultrasabers technology is becoming outdated and company has fallen out of favor in certain parts of the custom saber commmunity for multiple reasons.

Nevertheless, the company’s Grab Bag Sabers and Mystery Box Sabers remain a popular and affordably priced option for an entry level saber. Unlike many other custom saber companies, Ultrasabers does not yet offer the now commonplace and sought after neopixel lightsaber configuration.

Ultrasabers lightsaber hilts
IMAGE CREDIT Ultrasabers

15. Tethan Props

Lightsaber Types: artistic light-up sabers (no sound)
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: Australia

If you’ve ever envisioned Frodo or Aragorn wielding a lightsaber, then a Tethan Props lightsaber may be just the saber you’re looking for! Tethan Props is carving out a niche within a niche by making a selection of Lord of the Rings inspired mashup lightsabers. The hilts are 3D printed and painted, making the artistic lightsabers suitable for display and cosplay only and NOT for dueling.

The company releases the LOTR lightsabers periodically in batches, so if their Etsy store is sold out, check back at a later time. In addition to making LOTR inspired sabers, Tethan Props offers a custom Grogu lightsaber as well.

Tethan Props lightsabers

16. The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS)

Lightsaber Types: empty hilts
Price Range: budget friendly, midrange
Location: United States

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) is one of the established players and innovators in the custom saber industry. The company sells some empty hilts and boasts a wide selection of custom saber parts and supplies to help lightsaber enthusiasts construct, repair or upgrade their own custom saber. The company developed Modular Hilt System (MHS) parts, which is a series of parts that the user may mix-and-match in order to create their own custom lightsaber hilt design.

The Custom Saber Shop
IMAGE CREDIT The Custom Saber Shop

Some additional custom lightsaber companies:
These companies sell installed sound sabers, unless otherwise noted.
Atom Sabers (Etsy) Spain empty hilts
Advanced Light Weaponry (eBay) United States
aynranfan (eBay) United States empty hilts
Custom Diversions (Etsy) United States
IlluminatedSaber (Etsy) United States empty hilts
JQ Sabers United Kingdom lightsabers and parts
KiSabers (Etsy) United States
SaberBay (Etsy) United States empty hilts and parts
Saberproject Shop Germany
ShenSabers Russia
Starfall Sabers (Etsy) United States handmade, one-of-a-kind lightsabers
WonderForce Hong Kong [see also WonderForce Etsy Store]
WarSabers Russia

For a more comprehensive list of lightsaber companies, visit SaberSourcing’s List of Lightsaber Companies.

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