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Bendu Armory has unveiled the AT and AT-S lightsabers, two custom sabers inspired by design of The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano lightsabers. The custom sabers, which are machined custom for Bendu Armory by The Custom Saber Shop, are available individually or as a set of two.

Bendu Armory
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Bendu Armory AT and AT-S are the first aluminum sabers released by Bendu Armory, a company that had previously exclusively made carbon fiber lightsabers. Bendu Armory AT and AT-S are available configured as an in-hilt TRICREE RGB LED lightsaber or neopixel lightsaber.

Bendu Armory AT and AT-S Lightsabers
Bendu Armory AT-S lightsaber (top) and AT lightsaber (bottom) | IMAGE CREDIT Bendu Armory

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AT is the full size saber and AT-Shoto is a shoto saber. Both sabers are equipped with the proprietary Bendu Armory QuickSwap Sentry MK II Core chassis. The QuickSwap chassis, which contains the battery, blade holder and electronics, may be easily removed from the hilt and installed in another Bendu Armory carbon fiber sleeve or empty aluminum hilt.

Bendu Armory QuickSwap Sentry MK II Core chassis
Bendu Armory QuickSwap Sentry MK II Core chassis | IMAGE CREDIT Bendu Armory

AT is compatible with the first generation QuickSwap Chassis as well (AT-Shoto only works with Sentry due to the shorter length of the hilt). Both hilts also feature Modular Hilt System (MHS) compatible parts. Optional black accent pommel ring cubes and bunny ear are available as an upgrade.

Bendu Armory
Bendu Armory Etsy affiliate link

Bendu Armory, an Idaho based custom saber company, has pioneered the development of carbon fiber custom sabers and a proprietary QuickSwap chassis system enabling users to quickly swap the electronics out of one hilt into another. The company sells some aluminum hilts as well.

Image depicts Bendu Armory AT and AT-Shoto

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