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What is a mod? | Lightsaber Terminology

A lightsaber mod is a modification or change in appearance or function to a lightsaber, usually by the end user or a sabersmith. Lightsaber modding applies to a tangible, custom lightsaber (e.g. Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, etc.) or a virtual, video game lightsaber (e.g. from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or from non-Star Wars games).

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Lightsaber enthusiasts often mod basic sabers, like Ultrasabers Grab Bag Sabers, Mystery Box Sabers, or YDD basic sound sabers (e.g. Tiny Giant Kyojin, Youngling Saber). A common mod is installing a sound module in a stunt saber or changing the internals. Other common mods are adding an outer shell to a basic saber or changing the hilt’s outside appearance. For example, Saberforge mods a basic YDD Saber for its Youngling Saber line by adding a decorative shell to the hilt. Custom Darkwolf Sabers has also modded a basic YDD Saber to create a mashup lightsaber that looks like a Power Rangers Dragon Dagger.

Have you ever modded a lightsaber? What are some of your favorite lightsaber mods?

Cover Image: Ultrasabers basic sabers like these are commonly modded by lightsaber enthusiasts and sabersmiths.

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