3 Common Types of Lightsaber Blade Tips: Round Tip, Bullet Tip, Parabolic Tip

Lightsaber blades commonly use one of three types of blade tips that attach to the top end of a plastic blade tube. The three blade tip styles are: round, bullet and parabolic.

Round Tip

The round tip, or rounded tip, is probably the most common lightsaber blade tip type. The round tip is a half dome or half sphere shape. Round tips are the safest blade tip style during lightsaber dueling because round tips are not pointy. The officially licensed Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber line uses round blade tips.

Bullet Tip

The bullet tip, sometimes called a pointed tip, is a more steeply curved blade tip type than a round tip. Some lightsaber enthusiasts prefer a bullet tip because the tip is perceived to have a more ‘in-universe’ feel. Bullet tips are often slightly more expensive than round tips due to the more complex shape and production process. Bullet tips are not recommended for dueling since they are pointy and can hurt and cause bruises.

Parabolic Tip

The parabolic tip is a hybrid of a round tip and a bullet tip. The parabolic tip has the ‘in-universe’ appearance of a bullet tip while being less pointy and safer than bullet tips.

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