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KR Sabers has unveiled the KR Sabers Flagship V2 Lightsaber Hilt. The custom saber hilt features a simple and elegant “blank canvas” design sensibility, making the KR Sabers Flagship V2 lightsaber hilt extremely customizable in appearance. The hilt design is not character inspired. The KR Sabers Flagship V2 Lightsaber Hilt is available as an aluminum hilt or as a brass hilt. The hilt requires some assembly.

KR Sabers

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KR Sabers Flagship V2 aluminum lightsaber hilt (left) and KR Sabers Flagship V2 brass lightsaber hilt (right)
KR Sabers Flagship V2 aluminum lightsaber hilt (left) and KR Sabers Flagship V2 brass lightsaber hilt (right) | IMAGE CREDIT KR Sabers

KRS Flagship V2 is about 10.75 inches long and about 1.26 inches in diameter at the grip section. The hilt features a generously large inside diameter (ID) capable of accommodating most soundboards, speakers, chassis, and other internal components. The lightsaber hilt kit disassembles into 5 parts: one emitter, two emitter shrouds, one body piece, and one pommel. The hilt is precision CNC machined, polished to a mirror finish, and DOES NOT use a clear coat, making the hilt ready for etching.

Each KR Sabers Flagship V2 Lightsaber Hilt Kit Includes:
x1 KRS V2 Flagship Hilt
x1 Set of Fasteners (Set includes: x1 M4 0.7mm blade retention screw, x4 M3 0.5mm button head shroud screws, and x1 M3 0.5mm grub screws)
x1 Copper Heatsink Module (for Tri-LED only)

The hilt features a 1 inch diameter blade holder and 6 covered windows in the emitter (3 are located under each of the two shrouds). If the hilt is installed with electronics, the covered windows create an attractive glowing effect under the shrouds. The shrouds may be customized with etching. The KR Sabers website offers a free convenient etching template [ZIP].

Below the double emitter shroud, the hilt diameter decreases to the lowest diameter of the entire hilt. The hilt widens out again in the activation switch hole area. KR Sabers Flagship V2 features a pre-drilled 12mm switch hole. Although the hilt does not feature any dedicated aux switch holes, a discreet 2mm pilot hole is situated on the opposite side of the activation switch hole. A lightsaber enthusiast may optionally drill out the pilot hole to accommodate an aux switch.

Below the switch area, the hilt body extends down as a long, flat-surfaced grip section. A lightsaber enthusiast may optionally add a leather wrap to the grip section (find a step by step KR Sabers DIY leather wrap tutorial here). There is no pre-drilled Covertec wheel hole on the Flagship V2. A vented pommel with a “gear tooth” style of design caps off the end of the hilt.

Custom Add-Ons for the KR Sabers Flagship Lightsaber

A few custom saber companies make custom add-ons designed specifically to be compatible with the KR Sabers Flagship lightsaber.
Note: The KR Sabers Flagship compatible add-ons are not necessarily endorsed by KR Sabers.
HighGroundCW (Etsy) United States custom dragon scale grip, additional compatible grip designs
JawasJunkyard (Etsy) Australia Orgus Din Custom KR Flagship Shroud (aluminum cast or 3D printed ABS plastic), Orgus Din custom KR Flagship wood veneer
Origin Sabers (Etsy) France custom metal shrouds/guard plates
WadeSabers (Etsy) Unitied States crystal chamber extension

KR Sabers is a United Kingdom bases custom saber company, offering empty hilts, lightsaber parts and components, and install services.

KR Sabers website

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