Why large lightsaber group is ‘formally denouncing Ultrasabers’

The r/lightsabers subreddit team announced they are “formally denouncing Ultrasabers”.
T_Quach, an r/lightsabers subreddit moderator, posted the announcement in the subreddit on June 18, 2020. The r/lightsabers subreddit is the largest subreddit dedicated to lightsabers and one of the largest online lightsaber groups, with over 53,000 members as of June 2020 (Update: over 127,000 members as of November 2020). The subreddit is currently moderated by a team of five lightsaber enthusiasts*. Ultrasabers is one of the largest custom saber companies in world.

* One of the r/lightsabers moderators, Danjabus, is a co-founder of the custom saber company Electrum Sabercrafts. According to T_Quach, Danjabus “wasn’t really active” in the r/lightsaber team’s discussion of denouncing Ultrasabers.

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Ultrasabers Fallen lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

Launched in 2005, custom saber company Ultrasabers has grown to become one of the largest and most famous custom saber companies in the world. Emory Harris is the owner of Ultrasabers. The company advertises with Google Ads and over the years has amassed over one million Ultrasabers Facebook page likes.

It is extremely common for a first time custom saber buyer to purchase from Ultrasabers likely to due a variety of factors including the company’s longevity, high visibility, name recognition, ad spending, high production output, and low price point on its entry level sabers. In fact, I (SaberSourcing) purchased my first custom saber from Ultrasabers and have subsequently extensively discussed Ultrasabers and its products on the SaberSourcing YouTube channel and website.

T_Quach asserts multiple reasons for the subreddit’s denouncement of Ultrasabers. Some reasons include allegations of: outdated saber technology and poor working conditions for employees. “Ultrasabers has had a bad rap for years,” T_Quach writes. “…To continue to support Ultrasabers is to damage this [lightsaber] community, and to do so is not the way we want to continue.”

As of 6/29/2020, the Ultrasabers BBB rating is F (with 49 reviews) and the Ultrasabers Trustpilot rating is 1.6 out of 5 (with 86 reviews). Several reviews mention contacting Ultrasabers and waiting weeks or months for a reply, if a reply is received at all. The reader is always strongly encouraged to research the positive and negative reviews of a company from various sources before making purchasing decisions.
SOURCE: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/ultrasabers.com
SOURCE: https://www.bbb.org/us/tx/friendswood/profile/wholesale-toys/ultrasabers-1216-1000004988

Additionally, 8 of the 9 Ultrasabers Indeed reviews rank Ultrasabers 1 out of 5. The one positive review says, “I really like working there! Management rocks, the owner is a freaking beast and the rest of the employees are weird and chill!” The positive review also lists receiving an $8 hourly wage as the only con of working for the company.
SOURCE: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Ultrasabers/reviews

“As moderators of an open forum,” T_Quach writes in the r/lightsaber subreddit announcement, “we originally felt it wasn’t our place to talk out [about Ultrasabers] because the mentality was to let customers do what they want and buy what they want…but the amount of damage [Ultrasabers] has done to the [custom saber] industry is actually remarkable.”

Read the full r/lightsabers subreddit announcement here:

13 thoughts on “Why large lightsaber group is ‘formally denouncing Ultrasabers’”

  1. These are not allegations! They are substantiated facts. UltraSabers’s soundboard technology is *at best* 3-4 years behind the market, and any competent sabersmith knows this. It’s unfortunate that first time saber buyers don’t. The FB saber groups I belong to are chock-full of people who got their first saber from US, but have quickly realized they bought a subpar product and are looking for recommendations for where to get a “real” saber.

  2. How long does the process take iv ordered a custom sabor my purchase was excepted
    In my gmail I got a receipt and everything just how long does the process take its been over 3 weeks they won’t answer the phone or reply to me threw my gmail account
    Nobody is replying to me how long does the process take

    • Bryan, it’s unclear how long the order will take to ship. The Ultrasabers website estimates orders ship within 3 to 4 weeks. Some lightsaber enthusiasts have said their Ultrasabers order shipped within a few days while others have said they waited 4-8 weeks for the order to ship, sometimes more.

  3. If you can do it better, then do so. US may be using outdated boards, but they are still providing sabers for better prices than the competition. And honestly, in this day and age, no one holds a gun to your head to work a job that only pays $8/hr. If you don’t like your poor work conditions, then leave. If their work force diminishes enough then they will be forced to address the issues or flounder. It’s simple economics.

  4. I actually used to work at ultrasabers. And it’s true. The working conditions were horrible when I was there. The “facility” was Emory’s two-car garage. Not only were there 4-5 employees in there constantly soldering, but it also housed all of the inventory. The place had poor ventilation, that being the side door of the garage cracked open. He paid us $8/hour and made us work 9-11 hours a day. Sometimes even longer, without an increase in pay for overtime. On top of all that, he would blast Creed and Nickleback with the occasional Eminem, Paramore, and Bone Thugs on repeat. He would be yelling at you for tiny f***ups. Hell, that (expletive) didn’t even have the balls to fire me himself. Instead he made his sister do it for him (I was fired cause I had a bad case of the flu and was unable to work.) Mother F***er still owes me over $170 for my last check. I should’ve kicked over his ugly ass Naruto painted motorcycle that day. F*** Emory Harris. He’s a piece of s***.

  5. I wonder if ownership has changed hands. I purchased probably 4ish years ago, a few times, abd every time was super fast shipping, as well as responsive customer service. My roomie and I bought a couple sabers, as well as my gf in a separate order, over 2 months ago. emails, unanswered. I cant believe what a 180 this is from my former experience. But I wont be recommending them again. Guess its saberforge

  6. Have a few Ultrasabers. Never had a problem with them or their customer service. Unless the company totally changed in the last couple of years. I got my deliveries in 2 or 3 weeks using the most affordable method of shipping. When asking about supplementary items after getting a valuable saber for a great grab bag price they treated me very nicely on the phone.

    Very good experience . I hear other saber companies take many months to deliver their goods. That would be totally unacceptable to me.

  7. I have purchased numerous sabers from them, and am an active member on their forum. My best experience was I ordered in the morning and had shipping confirmation that same afternoon. Four days later I had a brand new saber in hand. Let’s be real, 2020 has been the definition of $#!%show. Little known fact about US: December has #$%&ed their production schedule every year since Ep.7 released. The reason is very simple: New SW movie on top of Christmas has everyone and their brother in the mood to buy a new saber. This usually backs them up until late January to mid-February. Then you add all the bull$#!% of 2020 with the COVID pseudocrisis and absolutely nothing is getting done. Then you have tens of thousands of orders pouring in from people that are stuck at home with nothing to do but shop online. Yet the complaints about slow orders and no communication keep piling up. Doesn’t anyone think that maybe…just MAYBE….all the emails bitching and moaning is actually adding to the problem of low communication?


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