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Trooper Trent, sometimes written as TrooperTrent, specializes in custom Luke V2 lightsaber paint mask stencils and various custom prop kits (mostly non-lightsaber items). Trooper Trent has created a custom Holiday Special Luke lightsaber kit as well.

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Trooper Trent V2 lightsaber paint stencils (left) and a stenciled V2 lightsaber hilt (right) | IMAGE CREDIT The Proplicator

Trooper Trent custom lightsaber paint stencils are designed to help the lightsaber enthusiasts add a screen accurate weathered, corrosive look to Luke Skywalker ROTJ V2 inspired lightsaber hilts manufactured by various custom saber companies.

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The machine-cut stencils are made from paint mask vinyl. The detailed stencils are intended to “recreate the shape and position of every paint chip from the original prop,” according to the product description. The buyer must select the stencil kit designed for their specific hilt.

Trooper Trent has designed stencils for the following custom V2 hilts:
Anakin Starkiller V2
2019 Solo’s Hold /NerfWorxLab / V2 squared
KR x OR V2
RPK Customs V2
Korbanth V2 (Does NOT fit the Korbanth LS6)
89 Sabers V2 (use KR x OR version)
Roman’s Empire / Roman Props Steel V2 (use Anakin Starkiller version)

There is a comprehensive tutorial for using the Trooper Trent stencils here:

In addition to creating Luke V2 paint mask stencils, Trooper Trent also developed a Holiday Special Luke Lightsaber Kit to help lightsaber enthusiasts convert a Graflite flash (not included in the kit) into a Holiday Special Luke Skywalker lightsaber. Trent has developed several additional non-lightsaber prop kits including: a Jedi Training Remote replica kit, Rogue One Galen Erso Message Drive, Poe Dameron Macros Greeblie Kit, Kamino Saberdart, etc.

Trooper Trent is based in Texas.

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TrooperTrent (RPF)

Image depicts a Luke V2 lightsaber with added weathered / corrosive look from a Trooper Trent V2 paint stencil.

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