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This wood lightsaber stand is made by hand from etsy seller Crutchfield Woodshop (Los Angeles, California). As a disclaimer Crutchfield Woodshop sent me this stand for free to review (thank you very much!). Find Crutchfield Woodshop lightsaber stands on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK].

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The design of the stand is very Japanese-inspired and would especially complement katana-style lightsabers. Store owner Brian Crutchfield modeled the look of the stand after Japanese sword stands (for weapons like katana, bokken, tanto, etc). The stand features a sturdy base and and a smooth, hand-sanded and rounded off exterior. Crutchfield applies Danish oil along with a wax coating to complete the stand. The stand comes in two finishes: a standard wood finish or gloss black finish. You can also select a one tier, two tier or three tier stand.

The stand is 14 inches long with a depth of 4 1/4 and height of 4 1/8 inches and can accommodate a variety of lightsaber sizes. It’s designed for hilts up to 1 7/8 inches in diameter.

The stand arrives in three pieces (one center base piece along with the two arms) and requires very mild assembly. Two screws are includes to secure the three pieces together, but you could easily use the stand without the screws as well. The wood stand offers excellent stability–it’s definitely one of the more stable and secure lightsaber stands that I’ve use.

In addition to lightsabers, Crutchfield Woodshop does craft other wooden items like cutting boards and home organizers, so those items may be worth checking out as well.

Overall, the Crutchfield Woodshop lightsaber stand is stable, simple, and attractive. The distinctive Japanese design influence sets it apart from many other lightsaber stands on the market. It’s also notable one of the few wooden lightsaber stands on the market (most stands are plastic or metal).

If you’re looking for a stand with some personality and craftsmanship, you may want to check out the wood lightsaber stands from Crutchfield Woodshop.

Crutchfield Woodshop Wood Lightsaber Stands on Etsy [AFFILIATE LINK]:

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