Arm on Fire Custom Sabers Vertical Saber Stand Imperial Cog Review

This is an Arm on Fire Custom Sabers Vertical Saber Stand Imperial Cog. The lightsaber stand comes in white. As a disclaimer, Arm on Fire Custom Sabers (AoF) sent me this stand for free to review.

The vertical stand is comprised of two pieces. The white base of the stand is shaped like the Imperial cog. The base is a rigid, stable and made of resin. The second piece is a 1 inch diameter, 4 inch long piece of cylindrical blade stock. The blade stock section easily attaches to the center of the base of the stand. The stand is designed for hilts that use 1 inch diameter blades.

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In order to display a lightsaber hilt, turn the hilt upside down and slide the emitter section onto the piece of blade stock. When you turn on the lightsaber, the blade stock section of the vertical stand illuminates like a lightsaber blade.

The stand visually presents the lightsaber differently than most other lightsaber stands. The stand gives the effect of a lightsaber sticking out of the ground–kind of an Arthurian ‘Sword in the Stone’ effect. The presentation of the lightsaber is also reminiscent of the scene in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace where Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi are trying to cut through the blast doors. The stand makes the lightsaber look like the hilt is ‘stuck’ in the floor (you know better, of course).

Arm on Fire Custom Sabers is a United Stated based custom saber company. The company sells vertical lightsabers stands and lightsaber hilts and also accepts commissions.

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