Open Call for Lightsaber Articles from Custom Saber Companies, Sabersmiths, Collectors and Fans

Calling all lightsaber enthusiasts, SaberSourcing is looking to diversify and expand our lightsaber content in order to better inform and serve the custom saber community.

We’re looking to add engaging, well-written and easy to read lightsaber related articles by: fans, sabersmiths, collectors, and people who run or work for custom saber companies, YouTube channels, websites, etc. Just pick a lightsaber related subject that you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, and dive in!

Although the article is unpaid, benefits for writing the article include:
– increased exposure and brand awareness of your company and its products
– clickable link inside the article to your custom saber website and up to 3 of your social media pages (if applicable)
– your name listed at the top of your article (your author name could be your real name, a screen name, or your company name)
– linkable article URL that you can easily share with customers, friends and family
– opportunity to inform and educate the custom saber community and potential future buyers

Article Requirements
– 500 word minimum
– include at least 1 image (must be an image that you own)
– must cover a lightsaber related topic
– may write about your own product or service in an INFORMATIONAL way and as it relates to the larger custom saber community (i.e. article should not read like a sales pitch)

Possible Topics Include (but are not limited to)
– lightsaber tutorial (installing, customizing, fixing, weathering, etc)
– product review
– lightsaber troubleshooting
– lightsaber building tips
– lightsaber technology
– this vs. that
– explanation of lightsaber terminology
– lightsaber combat tips
– tips for beginners
– buying tips
– discussing lightsaber design features
– various other lightsaber related topics

Submit your proposed article below. SaberSourcing will notify you within 14 days if your article has been approved for publishing on the website.


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