Open Call for Lightsaber Articles from Custom Saber Companies, Sabersmiths, Collectors and Fans

Lightsaber Collection

Calling all lightsaber enthusiasts, SaberSourcing is looking to diversify and expand our lightsaber content in order to better inform and serve the custom saber community. We’re looking to add engaging, well-written and easy to read lightsaber related articles by: fans, sabersmiths, collectors, and people who run or work for custom saber companies, YouTube channels, websites, … Read more Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary


It’s somehow both easy and hard to believe that exactly 1 year ago today, I launched the website. The SaberSourcing YouTube channel, which I started in May 2017, predates the website by about 7 months. I started with the intention of adapting some of the lightsaber videos on the SaberSourcing YouTube channel into … Read more

SaberSourcing Website Launch

Hey lightsaber fans! Welcome to the brand new SaberSourcing website. I launched the SaberSourcing YouTube channel in May 2017 in order to discuss a variety of lightsaber related topics about officially licensed lightsabers, custom lightsabers, lightsaber duels, etc. About 7 months and hundreds of videos later, the time seemed right to complement the YouTube channel … Read more