SaberSourcing Website Launch

Hey lightsaber fans! Welcome to the brand new SaberSourcing website. I launched the SaberSourcing YouTube channel in May 2017 in order to discuss a variety of lightsaber related topics about officially licensed lightsabers, custom lightsabers, lightsaber duels, etc.

About 7 months and hundreds of videos later, the time seemed right to complement the YouTube channel with a website. Now you’ll be able to easily refer back to written articles about lightsabers in addition to viewing the existing (and still growing!) library of SaberSourcing YouTube videos. For clarity’s sake, I’ll be backdating posts so that the article date matches up with days that I posted the original YouTube video.

Considering the surge of new custom lightsaber companies, saber designs, and new technologies, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the lightsaber community! May the Force be with you.

– SaberSourcing



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