How to Attach non-standard blades To lightsaber hilts

Most non-standard lightsaber blades–blades that differ from a standard polycarbonate tube lightsaber blade–use a blade tang/blade stem at the bottom of the blade. The blade tang is cylindrical and looks very similar to a lightsaber blade plug. All you have to do is place the blade tang into the lightsaber emitter, much like you would with a standard lightsaber blade, then tighten the blade retention screw as usual.

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In order to make sure that your non-standard lightsaber blade works with your lightsaber hilt, you need to look at: blade socket diameter and blade socket depth. The blade tang diameter should match the diameter of the lightsaber blade you would ordinarily use with your lightsaber hilt (1 inch diameter blades and 7/8 inch diameter blades are the most common). You should also tailor the blade tang length to your hilt. If your lightsaber hilt has windows in the emitter, for example, you may want a longer blade socket on your non-standard lightsaber blade.

Looking for a non-standard blade for your lightsaber hilt? Here are few companies to consider. Flat acrylic lightsaber blades are among the more popular non-standard lightsaber blades currently available.

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Ripper Blades is known for their acrylic lightsaber blades, but they sell a variety of cylindrical polycarbonate blades as well.

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Miscellaneous Non-standard Lightsaber Blades
Saberforge (Etsy) [affiliate link]
Saberforge sells several non-standard blades including: a Berseker Axe Blade Set, Crusader Axe Blade Set, and a Light Whip.

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Do you own any Ripper Blades or any non-standard lightsaber blades?

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