Lightsaber Blade Color vs. Lightsaber LED color Explained

Lightsaber blade color and lightsaber LED color two terms that often used interchangeably, but blade color and LED color are not always the same thing.

Many people use the term “blade color” in order to reference the LED color. Blade color can also refer to the final blade color that you see. You can achieve the final visible lightsaber blade color in several different ways: through the LED color, through color discs and through the day blade color.

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Lightsaber LED color
The lightsaber LED color is the actual color of the LED diode or the color produced by multiple LED diodes.

Lightsaber color discs or filters
Colors discs
or filters are inserted into the lightsaber hilt on top of the LED module. Color discs or filters get the best color results when used with a white LED. Color discs or filters don’t produce colors that are as bright as an LED color. For example, a red LED color looks brighter than a white LED with a red color disc.

Lightsaber Day Blades
Unlike standard polycarbonate lightsaber blades, day blades are lightsaber blades where the actual blade is a different color (e.g. blue, green, purple, etc). Day blades accentuate the LED color that you have, can be used with a white LED, or can show your lightsaber blade color when your lightsaber is turned off.

By contrast, standard polycarbonate lightsaber blades have a white or silverish appearance to them. The LED color or the color discs create the lightsaber blade color when you use standard lightsaber blades.

Do you prefer lightsaber LED colors, color discs, day blades or some combination of the the three?

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