Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

It’s somehow both easy and hard to believe that exactly 1 year ago today, I launched the website. The SaberSourcing YouTube channel, which I started in May 2017, predates the website by about 7 months.

I started with the intention of adapting some of the lightsaber videos on the SaberSourcing YouTube channel into article format. But has grown beyond the original intent.

In one short year, the site has amassed over 400 lightsaber related articles, including the ever popular List of Lightsaber Companies as well as 23 interviews with lightsaber artists and enthusiasts from around the world. The lightsaber interviews, which I started in August 2018, have quickly grown into some of the most-read content on the site.

A year ago today I wrote that “itโ€™s an exciting time to be a part of the lightsaber community.” It still is. May the Force be with you and thanks for visiting

– SaberSourcing


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